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Whey is a type of protein that is found naturally in the milk. But only 20%. Let us tell you a bit technical thing. Milk has 2 protein types: 80% of casein and only 20% of whey. Whey gives our body a quick boost in amino acids. Whereas, Casein is like a slow and steady flow, providing a continuous supply over time. It comes from the liquid part of milk during cheese making. The fatty stuff in milk sticks together, and whey the watery part. Whey protein is created by collecting these watery parts and goes into various steps to be in a powdered form that we call whey. It’s not very tasty that’s why it comes in various flavours to make it tasty.

Nutritional Value

On average a scoop of whey contains 25 grams of protein, 2-3 grams of carbs, and only 125 calories, if you assume one scope of around 30 grams. It can be taken by anyone who needs a boost of protein but is generally a choice for those who want to get ripped or lose weight. It is because if we intended to get 25 grams of protein from a natural diet, it equalling eating 100 – 150 grams of chicken but at the cost of 250 – 300 calories. Similarly, we eat 7-8 egg whites to reach the same number of protein that we can from 1 scope of whey. and, what about if you are vegan? The price of whey protein can differ and sometimes people dont get it as it’s not affordable to them. but, look at this page for all the whey protein prices in India.

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