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Mass and Weight Gainer are supplements that help you in your bulking journey. but, it’s not what it sounds like. By its name, it sounds like you’ll eat and start gaining mass or weight. But, in reality, it helps you consume more calories. You might know the science of weight gain. It’s as simple as eating more calories than you burn. If you eat more calories than you burn, you are in a state of caloric surplus. and, these extra calories that you’ve not burned will result in weight gain.

In General, it’s good to have a surplus of 500 calories. and, an average person consumes 2000 calories per day. so, his surplus calories should be 2300-2500.

To maintain eating high calories daily supplements can be required. However, it’s good to consume those calories from a healthy diet. but, if you are not able to do it. Taking a support of mass and weight gainer supplements is essential. But, the catch is to take those calories from healthy sources. Eating junk can give you a caloric boost but will increase fat overall will become problematic when you decide to go ripped.

Difference Between Mass Gainers & Protein Powders

Mass gainers and protein powders both are good supplements. but, who should consume depends on their fitness goals.

Mass gainers have more ratio of carbs than protein and aim to give you more calories. whereas, protein powders aim to provide maximum protein in minimum calories.

On average, Mass gainers contain 20-30 grams of protein, 125-150g of carbs, and 600 to 700 calories per scope. whereas, average protein powder contains 24 to 30 grams of protein and 3 to 5 grams of carbs at 120 to 150 calories only.

Who Should Consume Protein Powder?

In general, whoever needs more protein and is not able to get it from their diet can get protein powder supplements. but, in the fitness journey. Mostly, protein powder is consumed by those who wish to lose fat and need to get ripped.

Taking a higher amount of protein in fewer calories is the best solution these supplements are providing. and, for these reasons, people are hoping for it. People are also hoping for it due to convenience. Taking all these calories from diet requires a lot of effort. so, if you want to get rid of all these kitchen efforts, you can simply consume protein powder supplements.

Who Should Consume Mass & Weight Gainer?

Mass & weight gainers are consumed by athletes who wish to bulk. or anyone looking to increase their weight.  Also, these are popular for their convenience. Taking lots of calories requires all the shopping time, preparation time, and calculating calories. With the supplements, you have the ease of knowing all the nutrition. Just add 1 to scoop in milk or water and that’s it.

Where to Buy Authentic Mass & Weight Gainers Online In India

when looking to buy authentic mass & weight gainers online in India. TetraFit Nutrition is the solution. We deliver authentic sports supplements online in India. Also, we have protein powders, amino acids, and other authentic sports supplements.

How We Are Sure That Our Products Are Authentic?

When buying sports supplements online, it’s common to worry whether the product is authentic or not. So, make sure to look at these three points.

  • Look for an official tag or sticker from the importer or maker. This is a key sign that the product is real.
  • Check for a batch number and expiry date on the product. You can confirm this information with the manufacturer to be sure it’s legit.
  • Make sure you get a proper GST bill with every item. This helps make our transactions transparent and trustworthy.