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Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning our body can not produce it. and, one has to take from the diet only. Those who can’t meet their daily need from the diet and have a deficiency of it can take support of supplements.

However, is a very important nutrient that helps us in many ways. Most importantly we need it the most when we get sick. It supports our immune system and helps us in fighting from illness. Additionally, it plays an important role in collagen formation and is good for the health of your skin, bones, and blood vessels.

8 Proven Benefits Of Vitamin C

  1. Immunity Boosters: This particular Vitamin is famous for immunity-boosting properties. It helps white blood cells function more effectively, strengthening your skin’s defense system, and helps in wounding heal fast.
  2. You are managing Blood Pressure Level: If you have a high blood pressure issue. Studies have found that consuming vitamin C supplements can lower blood pressure levels.
  3. Help fight chronic diseases: It can help fight many diseases by boosting our blood antioxidant levels. It helps strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
  4. Good for Hair & Skin: People also refer to it as a beauty vitamin. as it keeps skin moist and hydrated, strengthens our hair, and works as an anti-aging.
  5. Manage cholesterol Levels: It helps LDL (bad cholesterol) from rising and improves blood flow. and, help in fighting heart diseases.
  6. Enhance Iron Absorption: It can help in improving iron absorption which benefits us in many other ways. In simple study, shows that only 100mg of vitamin C consumption can improve iron absorption by 67%.
  7. Healthy Brain & Better Thinking: A good intake of vitamin C is linked with better memory and thinking. similarly, low levels of this nutrient can even cause brain issues like dementia.
  8. Better Digestion: It supports digestion by promoting the health of the digestive tract. It aids in the absorption of iron, which is important for overall digestive function.

Vitamin C Supplements Or Natural Food

In general, it is recommended to take vitamin C from the food. and, most people complete their nutrient requirements from the food. and, no need for any supplements. but, if you have a deficiency you can take support of supplements after the permission from the doctor. Here are fruits and food high in vitamin C.

  1. Guava:
    • Vitamin C Content: 228 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 253%
  2. Kiwi:
    • Vitamin C Content: 92 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 102%
  3. Strawberries:
    • Vitamin C Content: 58 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 64%
  4. Oranges:
    • Vitamin C Content: 53 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 59%
  5. Papaya:
    • Vitamin C Content: 61 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 68%
  6. Pineapple:
    • Vitamin C Content: 47.8 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 53%
  7. Mango:
    • Vitamin C Content: 36.4 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 40%
  8. Cantaloupe (Melon):
    • Vitamin C Content: 36.7 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 41%
  9. Bell Peppers (Red):
    • Vitamin C Content: 127.7 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 142%
  10. Broccoli:
    • Vitamin C Content: 89.2 mg per 100g
    • Daily Intake Percentage: 99%

How to choose the right Vitamin C Supplements.

Vitamin C is popular among athletes and bodybuilders as well as in people for general well-being. They are available in multiple formats including, capsules, chewable tablets, or tablets. See which form is suitable for you. Also, have a look at the nutritional content and the product must be free from all prohibited substances.

Where to Buy Vitamin C Supplements Online in India.

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