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Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals in our body. it involves so many bodily functions. Not having enough of it can disturb body functions.

It is required for the proper growth of bones, and the function of nerves, and muscles, and works for many other parts of the body. Furthermore, it can be beneficial for sleep, mood, and a healthy heart.

Despite so many benefits magnesium deficiency is common. Reports state that out of 50% of people have magnesium deficiencies in Europe and the US.

They are naturally available in nuts, seeds, and green vegetables. It’s also available in mean fish and meat but not in a small amount.

However, if one is diagnosed with magnesium deficiency can take a support of supplements.

What Can Cause Magnesium Deficiency?

Magnesium deficiency is not common in healthy people. but, you can have it by:

  • Eating a very strict diet that does not fulfill all mineral needs.
  • type 2 diabetes
  • if you have Crohn’s disease
  • long-term vomiting or diarrhea
  • If you are taking medicines like diuretics or medicines for reflux, for a long time.
  • if you drink alcohol frequently.

It can be tested by a simple blood test to diagnose magnesium deficiency.

Benefits of Magnesium Supplements

You might have known the importance of these powerful minerals. so, it’s important to meet its body’s daily requirements.

On average, it requires 400 to 420 mg per day to fulfill body needs. but, if you are not having it by diet, you can take support supplements.

Taking magnesium supplements can benefit you in:

  • Healthy Heart: It is good for heart health as it relaxes blood vessels and improves flow. A healthy amount of magnesium can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.
  • Manage blood sugar: Magnesium is a crucial nutrient that helps regulate blood sugar levels. People with type 2 diabetes often have low magnesium levels. It is because high blood sugar can make them lose more magnesium in their urine. It helps in improving insulin sensitivity, aiding in glucose metabolism.
  • Healthy Bones: They help us in better absorption and use of calcium leading to healthy bones.
  • Better Mood: Low levels of minerals can be associated with the risk of stress and anxiety. so, it’s essential to keep this mineral up to mark. It helps in better mood, and stress by maintaining the levels of neurotransmitters.
  • Better Athletic Performance: If you are involved in fitness, having enough of this mineral can give you better energy, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Is It Safe And How Much to Consume?

Taking magnesium in a recommended dose is considered safe. It’s a natural supplementation. but, you must consult with your doctor before starting it. especially if you have kidney issues, already eating heart medications.

Taking more than the recommended dose might show negative signs. It is recommended to take 400 to 420 mg for males. and, 320 to 350 for females. However, the dosage might be low for pregnant and lactating moms.

If you are taking this much amount from the diet, you might not need any supplements. If you have consumed this supplement in larger doses, you can experience stomach-related issues. it can include diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

How To Buy Magnesium Supplements?

Here is a buying guide one should consider before taking its supplement.

  • Choose the right form and dosage based on your health concerns (constipation, acid reflux, or heart health).
  • Follow recommended dosages for different Magnesium forms; check the label or consult an expert.
  • Select a trustworthy brand and ensure third-party testing for purity and potency.
  • Look for FSSAI approval and ensure the supplement is free from unnecessary fillers.
  • Check serving size and dosage, and always consult a healthcare professional before starting a Magnesium supplement.

Where to Buy Magnesium Supplements Online In India?

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