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Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals. It helps us in keeping our bones and teeth strong. People with low levels of calcium have more chances of bone-related issues. and, higher consumption is even bad for our health.

Many foods including dairy products milk, cheese, and yogurt are naturally high in calcium. and, most people consume their daily needs from the diet. However, if you have calcium deficiency (Hypocalcemia), you can support calcium supplements.

Why Do You Have Calcium Deficiency

You might have calcium deficiency due to some medication, genetic factors or simply aging. As we age, we have more chances of its deficiency. One who takes less calcium in childhood may have a higher risk of its deficiency as they age.

Also, there could be some medications that can decrease the absorption of calcium. Furthermore, consuming less vitamin D makes it hard for our bodies to absorb calcium.

So, it’s initially to eat calcium-rich food your entire life.

Are Women More Prone To Calcium Deficiency?

Yes, women can be more prone to calcium deficiency. In menopause, when estrogen levels decrease. There’s a risk of bone density decline and calcium deficiency.

Also, during pregnancy, women’s calcium needs increase to support the baby’s development.

Also, Women with low body weight, eating disorders, or older age may face challenges in getting enough calcium. Women must include calcium-rich foods in their diets and, if needed, take supplements to ensure they meet their body’s calcium requirements.

Who Should Take Calcium Supplement?

When we eat less calcium, it’s a natural process that our body starts to take it from our skeleton and teeth. as teeth and the skeleton are a hub of calcium. About 98% of calcium is stored there. So, when we eat less calcium foods, our body starts to take it from there leading to weak bones and calcium deficiency.

In a simple blood test, it can tell if you have a calcium deficiency or not. However, if you are falling in the list below, you have to take more calcium.

  • Eating a vegan or strict diet: If you are eating a vegan or following a very strict diet. You are prone to calcium deficiency.
  • Eating a high-sodium diet can cause our body to discharge calcium. that’s why eating white salt is bad for our bones.
  • Have a history of gastric bypass surgery
  • If you are aging and have calcium deficiency symptoms.

Having a balanced calcium is much needed for the body. Eating less or more, both are harmful for the body. and, each supplement is different. that’s why it’s essential to communicate with a doctor before starting any calcium supplementation.

How to Buy Calcium Supplement?

Here’s a guideline before buying a calcium supplementation:

  • Check Your Daily Calcium Needs: Before buying calcium supplements, look at how much you get from the diet and how much is left. If you lack in diet, get a supplement to fill that gap.
  • Choose the Right Dose: our body can’t absorb large amounts of calcium all at once. and, it is better not to take more than 500 mg at a time. So, if you need 1,000 mg daily, consider splitting the dose for better absorption.
  • They Can interface with Other Medicines: Wheneve shopping for supplementation, Inform your pharmacist about your calcium supplements. It can interact with certain medications like antibiotics and iron.
  • Excisive intake can be harmful: It is recommended to take a daily calcium intake of 1,000–1,200 mg p/d. Taking more than can be harmful for the body. and can show negative signs.

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